Bantulah Aku Melawan Nafsu (arabic)-Mawaddah

Have a Nice day~

....Apakah kamu mengira bahwa kamu akan masuk surga, padahal belum nyata bagi Allah orang-orang yang berjihad diantaramu dan belum nyata orang-orang yang sabar.
(Ali 'Imran: 142)

Jihad bererti: 
1. berperang untuk menegakkan Islam dan melindungi orang-orang Islam;
2. memerangi hawa nafsu
3. mendermakan harta benda untuk kebaikan Islam dan umat Islam;
4. Memberantas yang batil dan menegakkan yang hak...

Do help me fighting lust

I had fought my lust every moment
I tried many times yet I failed
I didn't give up and I fought again
But I couldn't afford
I failed at last

O Lord, do help me, make easy for me
To fight this lust that is destroying me
May I'm not halted to reach You
Please help me Lord
Have mercy on me, don't let me be

Lord, do help me
Have mercy on me, don't let me be, do help me always
I don't give up, I keep on fighting by hoping help from You

Should You let me be on my own
I'll ceaselessly be in the sinful valley
O Lord, lust and satan always irritate me
Everyday they hold grudge on me whenever I want to be diligent to You

Don't leave me alone
Facing satan and my lust
I want to obey You, I want Your Please
Should You let me be, I'll be down then
Lord I'll try again fighting lust by Your help and Your blessing Lord

In this prayer I count on You
Do bestow upon me love and fear to You
As my guardians from my lust
Isn't it Your Promise to Your slaves?

O Lord, help me focus in my prayer
May I could feel Your Mightiness
Till I see everything is small, but You
By that feeling I hope at last I'll be able to fight satan and my cunning lust

Lord, in my prayer, clean up my soul, make feeble my lust
Do save myself, cultivate feeling of slavery in me 
Make it stay put for my entire life


By : -------> Hafifi Borhan El Said love & Faith <--------

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